Review: Furious Fitwear Cooling Towel

Disclaimer: I was provided this product at no cost in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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After receiving the ankle compression sleeve, Furious Fitwear sent me another product: a cooling towel. If we’re being honest, I’d never tried a cooling towel before – but once it arrived, I realized this is something I probably should have invested in a long time ago.

Here’s how it works – you soak the towel in a bowl of water and wring it out to get the excess liquid out (you may have to “snap” it a few times too). The moisture will lock into the material and keep the towel cool for quite a while. I’m not technically sure exactly how long – but I’ve used it for 30 minutes at a time without any issue.

Since I’m not too familiar with this type of product specifically, I can’t comment on the quality in comparison to other brands – but I will say that I liked how long it was. It can definitely be wrapped around several times. The blue color was rather vibrant as well. I do wish it was a little softer – but I’m not sure if that might have an impact on how well it would remain cool or not.

As a bonus, the towel came with a little clear resealable case and a clip to attach to your gym bag. This would really come in handy to have waiting for you after an exercise class!

If you’d like to purchase this towel, you can do so here. Overall, I would say it’s a useful product – I’ve tried it out a few times already with success so I’m hoping it holds up well for the future.