Friday Finds – October 6, 2017

This week I tried something different: I cleared my schedule (with the exception of extremely important appointments) and focused 110% on me. I closed the laptop, avoided taking on “extra” work for just one week – the hardest part of this little challenge – and just sought out the things that made me happy. Now, I am unbelievably fortunate to be able to choose to do this, and I recognize that privilege – but it was really necessary for me to do it as well. Without getting into any details, the past couple months have been rather chaotic and stressful. After feeling emotionally exhausted at the start of this week, I decided I needed to take a “staycation.”

The format of today’s Friday Finds is going to be a tad different: I just want to share with you a few of my favorite things that I enjoyed these past few days.


Pure Barre

My first introduction to Pure Barre happened roughly three years ago. I found it to be a great workout before my wedding (and let’s be real: it relieved a lot of the stress that comes along with wedding planning!) but fell out of the routine. It was just a few weeks ago that I started taking classes again and I am absolutely hooked. This past week, I’ve made it to the studio every other day (I wanted to do daily classes but my sore muscles insisted I take a rest) – the 50 minutes of this workout totally recharge me every morning. It is extremely challenging but I recommend everyone try Pure Barre at least once.

While the classes are my personal preference, Pure Barre also has a number of workout DVDs available. I do have a couple (I’d have to go check which ones specifically as I can never remember the names) and it is a nice alternative if you’re unable to visit a studio.


Pumpkin Spice Everything

No shame here. This week I indulged in PSLs and every other iced coffee drink that incorporates the best seasonal flavor ever.


“Game of Thrones” on HBO Go

My regular favorite shows are finally returning (This is Us, The Real Housewives of New Jersey) but I’ve seriously binged on “Game of Thrones” on HBO Go over the last few days. Currently, I’m almost done with the fourth season.


Stephen King Novels

Stephen King was in Milwaukee last weekend (an event I found out about at the last minute, I was so bummed that I missed grabbing tickets!) and I’ve downloaded a few of his books to my Kindle. The start of fall and the upcoming Halloween holiday make it the perfect time of year to indulge in a spooky novel.

And finally, I’d like to acknowledge the recent tragedy in Las Vegas. My heart has been heavy this past week thinking of all the innocent victims. In memory of all the lives lost, I’d like to share this song by Alicia Keys that reminds us we are all in this together.

In regards to blogging this month, I should note that I’m going to be rather busy as I will be traveling on and off for the next three weeks. I am hoping to get some scheduled posts in but please be patient – once mid-November arrives, my schedule is rather free for the foreseeableĀ future and we’ll have regular posts again!

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