Friday Finds – September 22, 2017

Another week down and this Friday, I had no issue finding shows and articles to recommend – but products were another story! It’s going to be hot this weekend in Wisconsin and I’m not quite in the “fall weather” state of mind for my clothes yet. Luckily, there has been so much cute Halloween decor in stores lately that I can still celebrate fall without roasting in a warm sweater this weekend.

To Buy


Sugar Skull Wine Glasses

Now I love Halloween for many reasons but one huge positive is that I can showcase my love for all things skull-related. These sugar skull wine glasses quickly made it to my online shopping cart!


Smart Home Products

If there’s one thing that I am horrible at this time of the year, it’s remembering to leave some lights on for the dogs at night if I’m out. I always forget that it gets dark so much earlier and come home to my pups sitting in the dark (my cats seem like they couldn’t care less, but considering cats have such good night vision, I’m not too worried about them). Husband and I figured that the easiest fix for this was to install a few “smart home” devices – as much as both of us want to try to remember before we leave, this at least gives us an opportunity to turn the lights on via a smartphone app if we’re out of the house later. I purchased two of these from Amazon to start. They’ll be arriving later today so I’ll be able to let you know what I think later on Snapchat.


Amazon Alexa Holder

Keeping with the “smart home” trend, we have an Echo Dot and while I love it, I wish there was a way to make it look a little nicer. I found this adorable owl-themed holder online that is perfect! It’s a great idea to keep your home functional, while still decorative.

File_000 (193).jpeg

Dog Harness

(Boomer was the most reluctant model this morning….)

Boomer has grown a bit over the last few months and I wanted to order a new harness for him since his old one looked like it was starting to pinch. I found this one on eBay at a discounted price and decided to try it. If you have a small dog (or any dog that wears a harness), I really recommend this brand! They are very adjustable and have an extra layer of security with a clip. Definitely make sure that it is snug before you leave though… I learned this the hard way when I had the harness too loose and Boomer was able to sneak a leg out of it (luckily he couldn’t get out!). As an added bonus, they have a huge selection of MLB and NFL teams, along with some NCAA college teams. (For size reference, Boomer is 9 lbs and right in-between the small and x-small sizes – his Red Sox harness is a small, I think if I order any others for him, I might try an x-small if available though)

To Watch


“American Vandal” on Netflix

As someone that loves a good crime documentary, this looks hilarious. I’m going to link the trailer rather than posting it below because… well, yeah. (If you didn’t pick up on my hint, don’t watch at work)


“Gaga: Five Foot Two” on Netflix

Pop star Lady Gaga’s documentary debuts on Netflix today and with all the press I’ve been reading about it, it sounds really interesting.


“Transparent” on Amazon

Because this has been on my personal “to watch” list for ages now and the fourth season is being released today.


“Will & Grace” on Hulu

Need to catch up before next week’s premiere? Don’t worry, Hulu got exclusive rights to stream all eight seasons!

To Read


“Beware the Open Plan Kitchen” from Vulture (link)


“You Just Can’t Shake It” from ESPN (link)


“The Secret History of FEMA” from WIRED (link)


“Psychology of Lululemon: How Fashion Affects Fitness” from the Atlantic (link)


“The Sorrow and the Shame of the Accidental Killer” from the New Yorker (link)


“The Making and Unmaking of Iggy Azalea” from Jezebel (link)


“She Told Them She Was Hugo Chavez’s Ex-Wife and Worked In the White House. And She’d Make Them Rich” from the Washington Post (link)


“Snopes and the Search For Facts In a Post-Fact World” from WIRED (link)

To Listen

“Love in a Bar” by Ryan Hurd

“One Foot” by WALK THE MOON

“Lonely Together” by Avicii (ft. Rita Ora)

“Too Much to Ask” by Niall Horan

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