Friday Finds – September 15, 2017

Another week down and we’re already halfway through September? I’m finally starting to get excited about fall and am thinking of doing some seasonal decorations around the house this weekend (I still haven’t decided if it’s too early for Halloween yet – it’s one of my favorite holidays but is about six weeks away….). In the meantime, it’s defintiely to start stocking up on fall fashion items!

To Buy:

Apple Watch Straps

pjimage (74).jpg

You may have caught my blog post earlier this week comparing different smartwatches – well, I finally pulled the trigger and ordered an Apple Watch! I’ll be going to pick it up later today – after I finish the rest of my work, because I know I’m going to be so distracted playing around with this once I bring it home. I’ve already started looking at all the bands available. I really like the basic nylon straps and definitely want to get a few pairs in “gameday” colors to wear while cheering on my favorite teams. And there are not enough words to describe how much I love this snakeskin band! Finally, I’ll admit that the Hermes bands are gorgeous (Etoupe is truly the most universal and beautiful color!) and I am totally lusting after them – though they might not be something I can justify (yet). My Apple Watch did come with a basic “sport” band and I’m going to give it a couple days to see what I think of that before I order some “fun” bands so I can figure out if I prefer one type of material versus another.

Faux-Fur Snood (link)

Even though it doesn’t seem like it yet, chillier temps are headed our way. Plan ahead and start gathering your winter accessories now! This faux-fur snood is adorable and looks so cozy.

Owl iPhone Case (link)

I’ve been seeing updates on Facebook that my college sorority will be starting recruitment soon – so owls (our national mascot) have been on my mind lately. This phone case not only pays tribute to these beautiful feathered creatures, but it’s also glitter!

Dog T-Shirts

pjimage (75).jpg

“Emoji” (link); “Sorry Not Sorry” (link); “Pizza” (link)

If you happen to follow my dog, Boomer’s Instagram account, you’ll see that I definitely have a slight obsession with buying dog clothes (can you blame me? Little outfits look adorable on small dogs!). These three shirts from Lord & Taylor are all on sale – I think they’d be perfect for Boomer to wear if he accompanies me to a weekend brunch with the ladies!

Simple Silver Ring

pjimage (76).jpgCartier (link); David Yurman (link)

Okay, I’ll admit that anything from Cartier or David Yurman doesn’t quite qualify as “simple” but last Friday, I discovered a diamond had fallen out of my engagement ring. Naturally, I went into full “Kim Kardashian panicking about her missing diamonds in the ocean” mode – even though I have since been assured by numerous friends and family members that this is totally normal and happens to everyone at some point. Luckily, we have a wonderful jeweler and insurance policy so everything will be fixed! I have told my husband that a great birthday gift for me this year (since mine is coming up next month) would be a nice silver band ring that I could wear daily and not worry about any diamonds falling out – these two are ones that I absolutely love for their classic style… I’m hoping he takes the hint!

To Save Money:

H&M Fall Flash Sale

Take 50% off this weekend at H&M! This sale is a perfect opportunity to stock up for fall. Here are a few of my favorite items you should definitely check out:

pjimage (73).jpg

Coat (link); dress (link); lace top (link); sweater (link)

To Watch:


“Patriots Day” on DVD or Redbox

I found a random promo code for a free Redbox rental last weekend and remembered that Husband & I had wanted to see this in theaters but never got a chance to. It was so good! I think this might be the first movie that I actually wish I saw in the theatre, rather than renting on Redbox. It has an amazing cast and you’ll be on the edge of your seat for the entire 130+ minutes of this film.

To Read:


“Dear David” on Storify (link)

I don’t really do much commentary on these but this one requires a disclaimer: I apologize for any trouble you have sleeping after reading this. I’ve been following the “Dear David” saga for a few weeks now and still get so freaked out with every new update. As of press time, the Storify is only updated to August 28, so you’ll need to head over to Adam Ellis’ Twitter account once you get to the end of that for the recent updates. (Sidenote: we actually have the same security cameras – I can tell from the app notification screenshots – and I’m now terrified to use the motion-activated notification with them….)


“Welcome to Poppy’s World” from WIRED (link)



“Athleta Doesn’t Ignore Older Women and That’s Why It’s Successful” from Racked (link)



“In the Store of the Future, the Product Is You” from Racked (link)


“The Ambition Collision” from The Cut (link)


“Don’t Tell Me That Young People Can’t Fix Fashion” from the Cut (link)


“St. Vincent is Telling You Everything” from Buzzfeed (link)


“Taking Up Smoking at the End of the World” from Longreads (link)


“Ursula K. Le Guin, Literary Legend and Cat Blogger” from the New Republic (link)

To Listen:

“White Mustang” by Lana del Rey

“Love So Soft” by Kelly Clarkson



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