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As you may have noticed from my last few beauty posts, I’ve been having a major lipstick moment lately. Since I normally tend to stick to a few favorite brands I’ve decided to experiment a little – and as it turns out, Lip Monthly was awesome enough to offer me the chance to review their latest subscription package. If you’ve never heard of this company, Lip Monthly sends out a package once a month to subscribers with an assortment of lip products. They offer a wide range of brands and products – but the best part is the monthly cost is only $10. As you can imagine, I was so excited to try this out!

For the first time, I decided to try a video review format too. Scroll down to the bottom if you’d rather watch than read.

(Disclaimer: I was provided these products at no charge in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed are my own.)

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My Lip Monthly package arrived yesterday. It was pretty fun to see a bright pink envelope waiting for me in my mailbox! The packaging is a bubble-wrap mailer and feels very secure – a huge plus if you’re having makeup shipped!


Once I opened the envelope, I found an adorable little zipper pouch containing all the products, as well as a short informational card explaining which products are inside and what the retail value of each was. While I was not familiar with any of the brands listed, I was impressed me to see the total retail value of my package was estimated at $60 (six times the monthly subscription cost).

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One thing that I should note is that my package also contained an eyeshadow stick – I believe that this may have been an extra gift from Lip Monthly as it wasn’t listed on the card. Unfortunately, I realized this was eyeshadow and not lipstick after I had already put on my makeup for the day so I was only able to swatch it. I will make sure to take a picture of me wearing this product in the next few days!


Dirty Little Secret Lipstick

File_003 (62)

File_003 (63)

The first product that I tried was a lipstick by Dirty Little Secret (retail value: $10). It looked like a nice peachy nude so I was pumped to put it on. Unfortunately once I saw it applied, I lost enthusiasm quickly… this shade is not one that I would wear alone. It’s a very light-colored shimmery shade on me – it almost reminds me of those “frosted” lip glosses that were popular when I was in middle school… not a good look. That being said, I would consider trying this over a matte lip color. Still – it wasn’t my favorite selection, to say the least.

Bellapierre Lipstick

File_002 (74)

File_001 (85)

(yes, two photos because I loved this one so much)


File_002 (76)

With the first product being a disappointment, I was skeptical to see what we had next. I decided to try the Bellapierre lipstick (retail value: $20) and it was a good thing I did. This product totally made up for the last one! It is a gorgeous red-copper metallic that is going to be perfect for the fall season. I will also say it was very moisturizing and felt nice on my lips. This one is absolutely a winner!

Estate Lip Liner + Laritzy Lip Gloss



File_000 (171)

Finally, it was time for the final two products: the Estate lip liner (retail value: $10) and the Laritzy lip gloss (retail value: $20). When I did an initial glance at the shades, I decided that these two were the most similar so it made sense to try them on together. While I did like the color of the lip liner, I do wish it wasn’t a pencil. The color of the lip gloss was beautiful pigmented too – though it did have a strong “sweet” smell at first (this did go away after about a minute but if you’re sensitive to odors, you may want to keep this mind or consider contacting customer service directly prior to subscribing). Having been a user of matte lipsticks for so long, it was weird getting used to a lip gloss – but I will say I liked the look of these two products combined. I would consider both of these winners as well.

Final Verdict

So is the Lip Monthly box worth it? I would say so. While this was my first experience with them, I was impressed with three of the four lip products that I received (and I’m willing to try the remaining one with another shade to see if I like it layered). Even though I received this as a complimentary gift for my review, I absolutely would have paid $10 – especially since the retail value of everything was $60. It was also a plus to try a few new brands that I had never heard of and venture of my usual “Kylie Cosmetics/ULTA/Nordstrom beauty counter” comfort zone.

If you’d like to learn more or try out this subscription for yourself, click here. It is worth noting that Lip Monthly’s website mentions your first box is only $5. Since my communication with the company was primarily through their marketing department, I can’t comment on any customer service – but Lip Monthly has been active for over a year now so it seems like there are enough happy subscribers to vouch for it.

Video Review

And, of course, here is my video review!


As promised, here is a link to the NYX Lip Color Remover that I mentioned. Seriously, it’s a lifesaver!

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