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Our culture has convinced us that to look good, you have to be willing to spend some serious money on salon services… but have you ever considered doing these services at home? Once you take a look at the average cost of these three standard services in comparison to the alternative, you may want to give it a try. I used websites such as Thumbtack to determine what the “national average” for these services was – obviously, the costs might vary a bit depending on where you live. That being said, I’ve found that going the “DIY” route is not only much less expensive but also great for busy schedules. Here are some suggestions for ways to save money while still looking your best!

Hair Color


Average Cost: $95


Alternative: eSalon Custom Hair Color Service (link Рincludes $10 off discount!)

I’ve alternated between coloring my hair at home and getting it professionally done my entire life. Recently I discovered the eSalon service, which mail custom color created exclusively for you by a colorist at a time-frame you select (some people prefer every six weeks, others every ten weeks, etc.). I am going to do a full review of this service soon but I will say, I absolutely love the color it produced! As an added bonus, coloring my hair at home allows me to do it at any time – without an advance appointment – and I crank up my own music, sip whatever I’d like and hang out with my pets while it processes. Salons are nice – but if I’d much rather enjoy the comforts of home than browse an old issue of some random magazine for a half hour as my hair color develops.



Average Cost: $46


Alternative: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel (link)

As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m an equestrian (aka I ride horses – which are not known as the cleanest animals in the world). I’ve also worked in vet clinics and at horse stables – and I’m a germaphobe. Have you put the pieces together yet? I wash my hands a lot. This combination + my individual composition of my nails has resulted in nail polish chipping much faster than usual. While I love the look of gel nail polish, it’s not a realistic cost for me to have to get them done as often as I would. I discovered the Sally Hansen kit – at first I was skeptical but this set is the best I’ve found! It can usually get a solid 10 days of wear with each application (which is a lifetime for my nails). They have expanded the line to include a lot of fun colors too!



Average Cost: $20 (for brows)


Alternative: Gigi Starter Waxing Kit (link)

This little waxing kit is a bit more expensive than your regular wax at first but it contains everything you’ll need for months and months. I’ve found that I prefer the Creme Wax on my brows though. Prior to purchasing this, I was spending roughly $25 (including tip) every 4-6 weeks… that adds up quickly! And honestly, while I was nervous at first about shaping my eyebrows myself, it’s not difficult at all. If you’ve ever paid someone to do it, you probably have a general idea of the concept. This kit does include a DVD with tips as well (and there’s always the magic of YouTube tutorials too).

Do you have any suggestions for how to save money with beauty services? Please let me know in the comments!



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