Friday Finds – August 11, 2017

With nice weather in the forecast here in Wisconsin, I’m looking forward to this weekend. In case you missed it, tomorrow is a popular day for garage sales – I definitely plan to check the ads to see if there will be any good sales near me. This week, I have a variety of new products to introduce to you – along with many long articles to read, it’s just the perfect time of year to cuddle up on the couch and lose yourself in a story. Have a wonderful weekend and share with me anything fun that you found this week in the comments!

To Buy:

pjimage (42)


In case you missed the announcement on Facebook or Instagram yesterday, I am so excited to announce that Champagne Taste is officially partnering with Switch! Switch is a company that I could not be happier to work with – for a small monthly fee, members of this service will be able to have unlimited access to designer jewelry. Memberships start at only $30, which is a steal when you consider that you’re able to borrow pieces by Hermes, David Yurman and Chanel to wear! If you’d like to receive 50% off your first month, Switch and I have a special deal for you: use this link and enter promo code TASTE50. I just received notification this morning that my first piece (the red Hermes bangle pictured above – I had to choose something in “Badger red” with football season coming up!) shipped. A full review will be coming once it arrives but make sure to sign up now because there are some amazing items currently available.

pjimage (41).jpg


Baginc is a company that I’ve recently learned about that seems really interesting. They look at the most popular handbags on the market top and create a similar unbranded style. It’s important to note two things with this brand: they are not knockoffs, nor are these designs copyrighted – it’s an affordable way to carry a purse similar to luxury brand styles. Baginc uses high-quality leather material with their purses, so you can rest assure that these products will last. My personal favorites are the Essential Jane, the Goldie and the So Soho.

pjimage (44)

Patagonia Jackets

Hoodie (link) and Pullover (link)

Like I mentioned last week, we’re in a weird holding pattern with fall quickly approaching. Fortunately, lots of retailers have Patagonia jackets (a seasonal staple for me) on sale this weekend.


Wildfox Sweats (link)

Wildfox makes some of the comfiest products around…how adorable are these? This is a pair of sweats that I would gladly wear out in public!

To Watch:


“The Story of Diana” on Hulu

So relieved this is on Hulu! I accidentally forgot to record it the other night.


“Gypsy” on Netflix

Because Naomi Watts kills it in everything she appears in. This is a Netflix original about a therapist that becomes a little too involved with her patients’ lives.


“The Keepers” on Netflix

I’m a fan of true crime docu-series (though I’m probably the only person that wasn’t a fan of “Making a Murderer”) and hadn’t heard of this case. It looks like it’ll be pretty interesting.


“The Night Of” on HBO

Including this mini-series because I was talking about it with a friend the other day. My husband and I completely binged on this last winter and it’s so addictive. If you don’t have HBO, you can sign up for a free one-week trial with Amazon (which is plenty of time to get through this series!).

To Read:

I have eight reads for you today. Eight. No, I couldn’t pick and choose which ones to put in here – and I wanted to make sure we had a mix of serious and not serious here because some of these are pretty heavy stuff. This week, I’m going to include these without commentary (with the exception of saying the Duck Tales theme is now stuck in my head – an occupational hazard that I never considered) – please let me know in the comments your thoughts on these articles!


To Catch a Counterfeiter from The California Sunday Magazine (link)


The Story of the DuckTales Theme, History’s Catchiest Single Minute of Music from Vanity Fair (link)


The Endless Death of Kyle Dinkheller: A Three-Part Series (link) from CNN


I Faked Being Engaged for the Discounts from The Cut (link)


The Toxic Drama on YA Twitter from Vulture (link)


Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? from The Atlantic (link)


Meet the Prom Queen of Instagram from The Cut (link)


Jerry Football from ESPN (link)

To Listen:

Judah & the Lion – Take It All Back

Literally my favorite song right now. Nothing else to say here.

Jordan Davis – Singles You Up

Alright, I’m not really a country fan but I married one. This morning when I was finishing up this post, I asked my husband what songs have been stuck in his head this week and he suggested this – it is pretty catchy.

Lil Uzi Vert – XO Tour Life

Going from Jordan Davis to Lil Uzi Vert? Yup. I found this song while reading a slightly morbid post on Buzzfeed about songs that are actually about serious stuff (for the life of me, I cannot find the article but I’ll update this post if I can track it down later). Since then, this has gotten completely stuck in my head.

The Chainsmokers – Honest

I wasn’t a fan of The Chainsmoker’s last single, “Paris”, but this redeems them in my opinion. Bonus for a spoken-word intro from Bono.

And a cute animal video….

We’re so determined to teach our cats to do this.

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