Review: Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection – Velvet Minis

If you caught my Snapchat last week, you saw that I was anxiously awaiting the release of the Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection. The alarm on my phone was set, I made sure my account info was up-to-date hours in advance and luckily, I was able to score one of the Velvet Lipstick Mini Sets!

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a huge fan of the Kylie Cosmetics brand. Part of it may be due to the fact that “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” will forever be a guilty pleasure of mine. The other part? Um, they are really good products! I’m really picky with makeup but I’ve been impressed with how long the color lasts with Kylie’s lip products. They also are really a good deal when you consider the lip kits come with a matching lip liner.

Since my collection of products has mainly consisted of the matte and gloss formulas, I was anxious to try the velvet lipsticks. They’re described on the website as being more moisturizing than the traditional mattes. I purchased the Velvet Mini Kit – it was $36 and it appears (as I am writing this at least) that it is still in stock, following the initial re-stock.


The good news is this package came insanely fast. As in, I ordered it on Tuesday and it arrived in my mailbox on Saturday. Definitely did not expect this – in the past when I ordered from Kylie Cosmetics, it seems to have taken a full week to arrive – but I am not complaining one bit.

In terms of the packaging, the ridiculously pink and girly vibe is awesome. Even though I do like the standard black boxes, this was a nice change. Obviously, it came packaged much more securely than what you see (it was enclosed in between foam) and had the receipt but I threw those out. She also included a cute little card in there thanking her customers.

File_001 (81)


The actual box containing the minis secured each tube in and opened from the top. The box slides out for you – protecting them when not in use.

File_002 (73)

Are the minis adorable or what? For reference, these are each 0.02 fl oz (a full-size version is 0.11 fl oz). The majority of these shades are “limited edition” – though I do hope Kylie releases them as regular products.

One concern I’ve heard regarding the minis is that there’s fear you’ll only get a few uses out of them. In my opinion, don’t stress over it – I think they’re a good sample size (one review I read said they were able to get 40-50 coats out of each tube… I’m not sure how accurate this is but there’s a good amount of product in there). I would definitely purchase full-size versions of some of these but I like that the minis are a way to test out colors at an affordable price – and, as a bonus, they’re the perfect size to throw in your clutch or wristlet for a night out!


I should add that this post would absolutely not be possible without the work of these three products. For real, they’re the MVPs here. If you ever find yourself tempted to try six different shades of lipstick in a half hour time span, invest in these items: Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lip Liner, NYX Be Gone! Lip Color Remover and Rodan + Fields Essentials Lip Shield.

File_000 (155)

I’ve never been a fan of “swatches” but some people find them helpful so here’s a picture of the shades on my arm. As you can see, I’m really pale. Keep that in mind as you view the photos – these shades could look slightly different on you. I would like to add that the colors are super vibrant. I do think these are fun shades that could look nice on a variety of skin tones.

Note: I tried on six shades in a half hour time-span. Cut me some slack here – the application isn’t perfect, my hair + the humidity outside were fighting a war, and I resisted the urge to contour my face beyond recognition (#jokingbutnot)… I’m not a beauty blogger, I’m a regular human that enjoys fun makeup. So please keep that in mind – I tried to keep it “real” here and hope that helps with my review!

Party Girl


File_000 (160).jpeg

Described as a “bright hot coral”

Party Girl was the first shade I applied. I threw it on before taking my dogs out for a walk (hence the “dad hat + pocket tee” attire…). The bright pink color kind of intimidated me honestly – as I’ve mentioned before, I tend to stick to nudes and soft neutral colors.

File_001 (79)

Party Girl seriously grew on me – fast! This shade is definitely my favorite of the bunch. Even though I was not sure how much I’d like a bright pink, I absolutely see myself wearing this one in the future. More than anything, this is the shade I am most hoping comes out in a full-size version!

Surprise Me

File_002 (71) (1)

Described as a “bright fuschia”

Um, wowza red much? I did not expect this to be so vibrant. Out of all the shades in the collection, this is the one that gives me the most hesitation. I will say I’m more open to it than most red shades though – I think I’d wear it for a special occasion, just not an everyday look.


File_003 (60)

Described as a “vibrant plum”

When I first put this on, I did not think the color was very plum at all – but now that I’m looking at the photo, I can see it. Once again, this was not a shade I expected to like but I would absolutely consider buying a full-size version of this.

Birthday Suit

File_004 (47)

Described as a “nude warm beige”

Birthday Suit reminded a lot of Exposed – my all-time favorite shade from Kylie Cosmetics. However, the velvet formula definitely feels so much nicer on my lips. I’m going to make a mental note to try this shade with the Exposed lip pencil next time.


File_005 (45)

Described as a “terracotta beige”

It’s kind of hard to tell but Commando is just slightly darker than Birthday Suit. If I had to compare it to another shade, it’s similar to Dolce K (though it has a little more warmth). I would say this is a good everyday color.


File_006 (36)

Described as a “light nude peach”

This was probably a bad judgment call on my part: applying the lightest shade last. Looking at it initially, I felt like it totally washed me out (and keep in mind, I’m pretty pale as it is).

I ended up leaving this one on and it actually settled to a really nice peachy color. Unfortunately, I did not snap a picture (sorry, had a Junior League meeting!) but it looked way more natural as time went on.

Overall, I absolutely recommend buying this mini kit. Some of the shades might look really bold – but I think all the colors are really wearable. And $6 a shade? C’mon people, this is a deal…buy the mini kit while you can! I will make sure to share my full Kylie Cosmetics collection in the future with you all – but these are going to be my “go to” shades for the next few weeks.


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