Shopping Hacks: What to Buy in August

Today I wanted to share with you one of my favorite shopping hacks: making note of the best time to buy specific items. There’s plenty of research online (some legitimate, others just anecdotal) about “when” you can get the best deals on various items. I’ve found that following these guidelines – which means I have to resist when retailers first bring out products! – helps me save a ton of money.


For this post, I’m going to share what items are best to purchase in August, using one of my favorite places on Earth – Target. The reason I’m choosing Target is I’ve found they are one of the most aggressive stores in terms of discounting prices (likely because of the competition between them, Amazon and Walmart), while still having an actual physical location.


I do two major tips regarding shopping at Target – one, sign up for the RED Card. You don’t have to get the credit card version, the debit card option still gives you 5% off and free shipping from the website. Second, use Site to Store! I cannot recommend this enough – if you’re worried you’re going to get sidetracked and end up spending $200 (been there…) or you’d rather not deal with the crowds doing back-to-school shopping, order your items online and just pick them up at the Customer Service desk. Seriously, it’s a life changer.

Summer Apparel and Swimwear

pjimage (39).jpg

Bikini (link); one piece (link); tank top (link); shorts (link)

Voice of experience here – if you’re going to traveling in the next few months, now is the time to buy swimsuits, tank tops and shorts (not late November right before you leave for a weeklong vacation in Mexico…). Even if you’re not traveling, this is a good time to purchase both basic “essentials” and also cute, trendy items that you may have had your eye on this summer.

Patio Furniture


Furniture set (link)


Fire pit (link)


Gazebo (link)

August is the best month to purchase patio furniture – as you can see, Target has these pieces at a deep discount! While you may only have a couple weeks left to use your items, the savings is absolutely worth packing them away until next year. (Ps – all the items that I linked are part of the clearance savings event online going on through this weekend!)

Back to School Supplies


This one probably goes without saying – if you need to stock up on notebooks, pens, folders, etc, this is the time to do it! I just purchased a dozen folders last weekend for only a couple dollars. Right now is the time to shop if you want the best selection (and yes, you can shop online if you’d like to avoid the in-store chaos).

College Appliances


Keurig Mini (link)


Mini fridge (link)

Even if you’re not heading back to college, this is a great time to take advantage of savings on small appliances. If you’ve been wanting a Keurig for your desk at work, or a mini fridge for your husband’s “man cave”, now is the best time to purchase.



Chromebook (link)

Laptops have been on sale for the last few weeks but right now, they’re at the lowest prices. Personally, I use both a MacBook Pro and a Chromebook for everyday use – we actually own the one pictured above and it’s great. Chromebooks are lightweight and can do almost everything a “regular” laptop does. Best of all – the price! If you’re in the market, I absolutely recommend this one.

Do you have any recommendations for what to buy in August? Share your suggestions in the comments!




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