Today, The World is Your Oyster

Sometimes while planning out blog posts for the upcoming week, I utilize this nifty little website. It seems like we’re constantly hearing it is “National (Insert Random Item) Day” from the media – well, now there’s an official list!

As it turns out, today is National Oyster Day. If we’re being honest, I didn’t know much about these creatures prior to writing this post – so I did discover some interesting facts to share with you (in case you wanted to drop some knowledge amongst your friends and family on this “national holiday”).

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Now, I personally dislike shellfish with a passion (not allergic, just an incredibly picky eater) so I can’t recommend any oyster recipes. Fortunately, I do love a certain product from these creatures: pearls. It’s only fitting that I share my favorite pearl accessories with you, before showcasing a few others. My trusty website did not provide any suggestion traditions in celebrating National Oyster Day – so I’m just going to make the suggestion that you wear your pearls (or buy yourself a little present featuring pearls!).

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I joined Chi Omega in college and our official jewel is the pearl. Our badge is so beautiful, partially because of the pearl elements.

File_002 (70)

This necklace was a gift to me. It belonged to my husband’s late grandmother. I only wear on special occasions, it means so much that he gave me a beautiful piece of jewelry that belonged to someone he loved dearly.

File_001 (77)

My mom actually made these earrings for me as a teenager – I don’t think I could even tell you how old they are, I’ve had them forever. They’re one of my “go-to” pairs of earrings – still casual enough for everyday outings, but they look amazing with a nice dress in a fancier setting. I keep saying that she should start making jewelry again – I’ve gotten so many compliments on these!

If you’re looking for more ways to wear pearls, there are endless possibilities. Here are some products that I found to give you the inspiration to incorporate this mineral (sidenote: I had to check if a pearl was technically a stone, a jewel or a mineral – the answer is mineral #themoreyouknow)


Marc Jacobs watch (link)

A mother of pearl-face watch always looks so classy. I love the look of the pearl setting against rose gold metal – it seems to add an extra feminine touch. (ps – this watch is currently 50% and the retailer has several coupon codes available on their website if you’d like to try to get an additional discount!)


Statement necklace (link)

When paired with a little black dress, a statement necklace like this one add some major style. I’m a huge believer in utilizing loud jewelry pieces to completely transform an outfit. Statement necklaces will absolutely work to take your look to the next level.


Oyster charm bangle (link)

This might be the cutest item on this list. Alex and Ani bracelets have a huge following for the wide selection of charms. I have a few myself and love the fun bangles. This oyster charm will help remind you that there is “hidden treasure where you least expect it.”


S’well bottle (link)

I’m sorry, my S’well obsession continues. I absolutely love this mother of pearl-print bottle. It kind of a “geode” vibe going on right now, to capitalize on another current trend.


Double sphere stud earrings (link)

Pearl studs are a classic item – these earrings took the traditional style and brought a little edge to the design. The “front and back” stud was popular last summer – but these take aspects of that element (two different size spheres) while still honoring the traditional style.

pjimage (36).jpg

“Pearl critter” earrings – cat (link) and frog (link)

As a cat lover, I couldn’t resist these. The frogs are adorable also! These are both subtle, whimsical accessories to bring some fun into your outfit.



Tennis shoes (link)

I couldn’t decide if these shoes (labeled “pearl pink”) would fit alongside the rest of my list but ultimately concluded that the color is too beautiful not to share. Reviews of these shoes also say they’re very comfortable, as a bonus (and they’re on sale!).

Finally – if you want to actually cook oysters….well, bless your little heart then. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors! Make sure to stock up on all the supplies you need beforehand – I’m guessing shellfish lovers would be rather frustrated to not have a proper oyster knife on hand.

pjimage (35).jpg

Top row: Grill pan (link), oyster jack (link), reusable shells (link)

Bottom row: Cookbook (link), cut-resistant gloves (link), oyster knife (link)

Do you have any favorite pearl items? Or maybe an oyster recipe to share? Let me know in the comments!

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