Friday Finds – August 4, 2017

Now that I’ve finally gotten over that nasty cold that I had last weekend, these past few days have just flown by. This weekend, I’m hoping to enjoy some time outside – if it doesn’t rain, I’m planning to take Gracie for a ride at her new barn (I’ve just been walking her around and letting her graze the last few days, I think she’s finally settled in enough though). There are also some exciting updates coming to this blog! While the next few weeks are going to be a little busy for me with these changes, it’s worth it knowing the end result will be wonderful. As you get ready to cruise into the weekend, take a few moments to relax and reward yourself for the accomplishments you’ve made on projects this week (I’m sure you have some!).

To Buy:

I had a bit of trouble trying to figure out what to include this week – seeing “August” on my calendar is throwing me off. It seems like we’re in a weird limbo since summer isn’t over yet (thankfully) but fall is quickly approaching. To make the transition easier on all of us, the items featured below are things that could be worn with both jeans and shorts. And – as a bonus – everything below is on sale through tomorrow (so act fast!)


Houndstooth Scarf (link)

I love that this scarf takes the traditional pattern but adds some colorful hues to give it a little more personality. Scarves have become a favorite accessory of mine over the last few years (thank you YouTube and Pinterest for all the tutorials on cute ways to tie them!) – anytime I can find an interesting design, I want it.


Stan Smith Sneakers (link)

Classic sneakers like these will never go out of style. This is one of those items that is a practical option during major retail sales – you’ll get so much use of it going forward, it’s a good idea to grab a pair at this low price.


Bodysuit with Choker Detail (link)

This was an item that I debating if I wanted to include or not. Truthfully, I put bodysuits in the same category as rompers – cute on other people, just not my personal favorite. But I have to admit the choker detail looks pretty cool. I’m somewhat tempted to try this trend out now!


Hooded Sweatshirt (link)

Vineyard Vines is one of my favorite brands for good reason – the quality is amazing, along with the design. I love my long sleeve hooded shirts and quarter-zips – but this comfy hoodie (at an awesome price) is something I don’t own yet, which makes me think it’s a needed addition to my closet!


Stripe Tote (link)

This beautiful bag would make a nice statement piece while running errands, or for a student headed back to school. I personally think it looks way more expensive than it actually is. If you need a basic purse for fall, this might be your bag.


Rolled-Sleeve Tunic (link)

This tunic comes in a range of colors and exudes an effortless, comfy style. I think it’s the type of blouse that could be worn for a casual gathering, or if paired with the right accessories, a slightly dressier occasion. It’s tough to see exactly how long it is (I’d have to try it on in store) but since it looks a little oversized, it could look nice with leggings.


Cozy Sweater (link)

We’re heading into sweater weather. If summer has to end, I’m going to insist on purchasing a few beautiful knitted sweaters to help me accept fall’s emergence. This slouchy one is a perfect choice.


There’s another treat for you too. I’ve partnered with One Tribe Apparel to give my readers a special discount on their products! Use the promo code ChampagneTaste at checkout to receive 15% off your order.


Just so you know, with that promo code, these leggings are now only $11. (You’re welcome.)

To Watch:


Life of Kylie (on E!)

Um, considering my love for Kylie Cosmetics, do you really think I’m going to miss this? Kylie Jenner’s reality series premieres on E! this Sunday night. While I don’t expect it to win any Emmys, it will hopefully fill the void left in my lazy Sunday tv schedule since Real Housewives of Potomac ended a few weeks ago.

mr robot.jpg

Mr. Robot (on Amazon Prime)

File this one under “Shows I’ve meant to start watching but never got around to.” I just saw that Amazon added another season so it might be a good time to check this series out.


Friends from College (on Netflix)

I don’t know too much about this show other than I’ve heard people talking about how funny it is. By the looks of it, I’m either going to love it or hate it. The buzz surrounding it makes me want to give it a try though.

To Read:


The Secrets of the 80-Year-Old Chinese Runway Model (from GQ)

You’re never too old to pursue a new path! This profile of a high fashion model will hopefully inspire you that it’s not too late to chase your dreams.


This Is Probably The Only Story You Didn’t Hear About First from Bradd Jaffy and Kyle Griffin (from Buzzfeed)

An in-depth look at how Twitter has shaped the news – and how Jaffy and Griffin are leading the way.


Will I Get A Ticket?: A Conversation About Life After Vogue with Lucinda Chambers (from Vestoj)

This article has been making the rounds for a few weeks now. It’s a rather fascinating look at the fashion journalism industry – told from a former Vogue editor that witnessed it all firsthand.


Inside the Rainbow Gulag: The Technicolor Rise and Fall of Lisa Frank (from Jezebel)

After including the Lisa Frank collection last week, I randomly thought of this article that I had read some time ago. While it might not be the most flattering portrayal, anyone that has loved Lisa Frank at some point in their lives will find it interesting.


The Secret Economic Lives of Animals (from Bloomberg)

Here’s a fascinating look at how the animal kingdom interacts. It’s definitely a more scientific read but you’ll finish it full of random facts to dispense in the future.


Mike Daniel’s Alternate Universe (from ESPN)

Full disclaimer: I live in Wisconsin but I can’t really call myself a die-hard Green Bay Packers fan (I prefer college football to professional). That being said, Mike Daniels might be my new favorite Packer after seeing this. I love seeing individuals devote themselves to their hobbies – seeing these photographs of an athlete that is so dedicated to the anime subculture is pretty cool.

To Listen Cute Animal Videos:

I’m sorry if your playlist is lacking. Unfortunately I don’t have any new songs this week – however, I do have a surplus of cute animal videos. It’s Friday, you owe it to yourself to enjoy these clips. (No commentary necessary – they speak for themselves)

Baby Goat Learns to Jump on Couch

Dogs Terrified to Walk Past Cats, A Dramatic Compilation

Mini Horses Race a Dog Around Barn

Baby Leopard and Puppy are Best Friends


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