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I apologize for my absence the last few days: I’ve been fighting off a horrible cold and have been confined to the Sick Couch. Let me say that as a card-carrying germaphobe (no joke, I usually have a minimum of four Bath & Body Works hand sanitizers in my purse at any given time, along with assorted others in my car, grooming bag at the stable, around our house, etc.), getting sick is a failure I feel on a personal level. For the last week, I was convinced it was just seasonal allergies – but the cold officially hit me on Saturday afternoon and has knocked me out since.

A quick update on Gracie – she handled the move this past weekend much, much better than I expected. In hindsight, I think I was more of a mess than she was. Because she was so attached to her previous herd, I felt so guilty about moving her to a new barn that was closer to our house but Gracie handled it like a champ. Once we removed her fly mask, she walked into the trailer like it was no big deal – and already has a “boyfriend” at her new place. She’s paired with an older gelding named Thor (pictured with Gracie above – these pictures are of their first meeting in a paddock, I didn’t expect them to get along like this so quickly!) and these two are already inseparable. It makes me so happy to know that she’s happy. I’m looking forward to providing more updates on her (and likely showcasing why her and Thor are #relationshipgoals) as she settles in more.

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Back to the Sick Couch. While I hope you don’t catch a nasty cold anytime soon, creating the perfect Sick Couch is a skill that one should know. As I’ve been confined to mine, I’ve discovered there is an art to building the ideal Sick Couch – you need to have all the essentials available within arm’s reach, to avoid having to get up (you’re supposed to be resting, remember?). My ideal sick couch is pictured above: it has comfy blankets (pro-tip: have a lightweight throw and a heavier one), pillows, a fully-charged laptop, Kleenex and Gatorade. Not pictured is a box fan nearby, resident dog or cat* to cuddle with and something to snack on. Also a cell phone with timers set to remind me when to take my next dosage of Dayquil.

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*regarding pets:

One funny thing that happens every time I get sick is my cat, Miley completely attaches herself to my side. She is not a lap cat in any sense – in fact, she’s so independent that there are days we just briefly see her around the house. But if my husband or I come down with a cold, Miley will plant herself on the Sick Couch and purr for hours (I think she means this to be comforting but it’s a little creepy). As a result, we’ve nicknamed her “The Angel of Death.” Once Miley leaves, you’re finally on your way to get better – she only appears in the darkest hours.

Even though I’ve been sleeping quite a bit, I’ve gotten the opportunity to catch up on a few shows. We have the “trifecta” of streaming services: Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu. I don’t really prefer any one over the others – they all offer a good selection. Here are my reviews of a couple programs that I’ve binged on lately.

Ozark (Netflix)


Like I said in my Friday Finds post, this was a show I was looking forward to checking out. I will say you have to go into it with the right expectations – it is not “Breaking Bad,” there will never be another show as good as “Breaking Bad” – but on its own, it’s really good. Now keep in mind I watched this show while taking some heavy-duty cold medicine, but the plot is pretty crazy. If you find yourself stuck inside for a weekend, the ten episode season is a good distraction.


A Night With My Ex (Bravo website or BravoTV app)


This has potential to be the reality show we need but do not deserve. Bravo puts an ex-couple in an apartment filled with cameras for one night and films their encounter. As you can expect, they have things to settle between them. It’s ridiculous and still has moments that make you go “Awwww.” As I write this, there are only two episodes available – both were pretty short but entertaining. I’m looking forward to seeing more.

dayquilrating design

House Hunters International (Hulu)


“House Hunters” is one of my “go to” shows – I know that I can throw it on, half-watch it and still be entertained. I’ve recently gotten into the “International” spin-off – where individuals basically pack up their lives and decide to purchase a property abroad. Like the original, it still has me yelling at the tv at times “For crying out loud, you can change the paint color!” That being said, there’s a reason it’s a basic selection – don’t pick this if you’re looking for anything riveting.


Keeping Up With the Kardashians: Kim’s Fairytale Wedding (Hulu)


I knew that Hulu had all the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” seasons but I thought that this was a “spin-off” that E! had tried to keep hidden away after Kim Kardashian and Kris Humpris divorced. When I found it, I immediately threw it on. It’s the perfect “guilty pleasure” reality tv series – I still can’t believe she married this guy – and is probably even more enjoyable while taking cold medicine.


The Program (Amazon Prime)


“The Program” is an independent film that I heard about a while ago and randomly found on Amazon Prime. It focuses on Lance Armstrong and how he got away with taking performance-enhancing drugs while competing in the Tour de France. Here’s the good: Ben Foster is amazing as Lance Armstrong, while Chris O’Dowd is equally good as the journalist determined to bring the truth to light. That being said, it would probably help to read up a bit on this scandal beforehand – I found myself having to check Wikipedia on my phone quite a few times.


I’m hoping to be “back to normal” tomorrow and will have posts up the rest of this week. Thanks for sticking with me!

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