Friday Finds – July 28, 2017

I’m trying a new format for my “Friday Finds” this week because, well, I have a lot to share! Please let me know what you think of it in the comments.

To Buy:

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Lisa Frank Pajama Collection

Am I the only one who didn’t the memo this was happening? I was browsing online and found a few items that my eight-year-old self would demand that I purchase. As I write this, the collection contains five pieces (pictured above) but it seems to cover everything we need – tigers, dolphins, unicorns, neon kissy lips and rainbows. For the price point, I say buy it – it looks comfy enough and who doesn’t want to take a little stroll down memory lane?

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Adorable Kitchen Finds

Now that I’m out of college, I secretly look forward to “back to school” shopping season because retailers debut some really cool home decor items. Usually, these are things that are designed for apartments – but c’mon, these items are way too cute to pass up. I found this pineapple sippy cup if you’re looking for something to hold your drink at the pool during these precious last few weeks of summer (also, it seems like I’m obligated to include at least one pineapple-themed item in every “Friday Finds” post lately). Crazy cat ladies – I do count myself as a proud member of this demographic – will love this set of four highball glasses featuring cartoon-ish kitty prints. And finally, these cactus margarita glasses are a must have. They actually remind me a bit of Fiesta dinnerware – perfect for Margarita Mondays with the ladies!


Jumbo Sized Shampoos and Conditioners

PSA! ULTA’s “Jumbo Hair Care Sale” ends tomorrow! Stock up today if you haven’t already – I always make sure to order two Redken All Soft Shampoo bottles and two Redken All Soft Conditioner bottles in the jumbo size every time they run this sale – each bottle lasts me roughly 12 weeks. When you do the math, this evens out to about $10/month for salon-quality shampoo and conditioner. Do I really need to say more?

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Zella Apparel

Remember how I profiled the Zella brand a few weeks ago? There’s a huge selection of items available at crazy low prices with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. My picks are the Autumn High Waist Moto Ankle Leggings, Take the Plunge Tank, Keep It Cool Crops and Layer Me Pullover.



LuMee Phone Case (link)

Everyone gave me so much grief when I got my LuMee case – until they saw that it really does take the most flattering selfies. There’s a reason that Kim Kardashian is a fan! If you’re looking for a LuMee case, I love this printed one.



Tropical Print S’well Bottle (link)

Upset that you weren’t able to score one of the coveted Lilly Pulitzer x Starbucks S’well bottles earlier this year? I managed to find one that has a similar resort vibe – and has a price that doesn’t require dropping an absurd amount of money on eBay (something I may or may not have done…..). S’well bottles are amazing – once you purchase you’ll be hooked. This tropical-themed design will definitely be fun all year long!

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Round Mirrors

Okay, since I recommended that you purchase items like Lisa Frank pajamas, pineapple sippy cups and cell phone cases that will help you take the perfect selfie, I probably should include a legitimate item that real adults could use in their homes. These two round wall mirrors are gorgeous – they honestly look way more expensive than they really are (check that price and you’ll agree!). The open-sunburst design one comes in both silver and gold, while the feather-shaped one is only available in a gold finish. Both would look great in any room!

To Read:


“Serena Williams’ Love Match” from Vanity Fair (link)

When I heard Serena Williams was both engaged and pregnant to one of the founders of Reddit, it seemed so random. This article showcases their adorable love story.


“An 18-Year-Old Girl Died from a Synthetic Opioid She Bought Online: Here’s How Portland Police Cracked the Case” from Willamette Week (link)

I almost ignored this because of how long the headline was. Totally worth a read – it’s a fascinating profile of the “Dark Web” and its influence on the opioid epidemic.


“Why I Left the News” by Allyson Bird (link)

I’ve had this blog bookmarked for a long time, so long that I think it’s time I share it. Anyone that has worked in the journalism industry will be able to relate.

To Watch:


“Last Chance U” on Netflix

My husband and I got hooked on the first season last summer. Netflix has just released the second season – I’m excited to see how the players from East Mississippi Community College deal with the aftermath of last season’s events. You’ll find yourself rooting for the Lions. The breakout star of this series though is without a doubt Brittany Wagner, the no-nonsense and charismatic academic advisor. Her passion for helping the student athletes is admirable and definitely makes her the “MVP” of EMCC.


“Ozark” on Netflix

This show has been getting a lot of buzz lately. Can I picture Jason Bateman as anyone other than Michael Bluth? I’m not sure yet. But the premise of this show (a financial planner from Chicago relocates his family to a summer resort in the Ozarks and ends up getting involved with a Mexican drug lord) sounds interesting enough for me to try a few episodes this weekend. Critics are comparing this show to “Breaking Bad” (one of my all-time favorite tv shows) so I think it’s worth a watch.


“Married at First Sight” on Lifetime and Hulu

If you’re married, you need to watch “Married at First Sight.” Actually, even if you’re not married, you should watch this. It’s one of the best reality shows on tv right now. By the time this post is published, the finale will have aired – but you can still catch this past season (as well as previous ones) on Lifetime or on streaming services like Hulu. If you like the Bachelor/Bachelorette, you’re going to love it.


(ps – since I mentioned the Bachelorette, I feel like as a Madison native, I’m now obligated to add… #TeamPeter)

To Listen:

Rita Ora – “Your Song”

Blame Jimmy Fallon. I heard Rita Ora perform this song on “The Tonight Show” earlier this week and it has been on constant repeat since.

Kygo & Ellie Goulding – “First Time”

Ellie’s voice is so hauntingly beautiful here – it’s another song that I haven’t been able to get out of my head since I first heard it.

Bebe Rexha ft. Lil Wayne – “The Way I Are (Dance With Somebody)”

Okay, for starters, I’ve loved Lil Wayne since high school. But Bebe Rexha is somewhat new to me. This song is so infectious that I’m willing to ignore the horrible grammar in the title – just one listen and I promise that you’ll want to get up and dance!

Kesha – “Praying” and “Learn to Let Go”

I had to include both of these just because I’m so, so happy for Kesha’s comeback. “Praying” is amazing, I really hope she gets the proper credit for it come awards season.

Find anything cool this week? On the hunt for something? Let me know in the comments!

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