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Happy Monday!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Unfortunately, the polo club canceled all the matches scheduled for this last weekend due to the weather (disappointing but I’m also glad they made that decision for the safety of the horses). We ended up trying a new brunch spot in the city and oh my goodness, it was one of the best meals I’ve had in a long time!

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My friend’s company had hosted an event at Merriment Social previously and suggested it, none of us had tried their brunch menu so we decided to give it a shot If you’re ever in Milwaukee, you have to visit this place! Our waiter was hilarious, the building was awesome (take a look at all that cool decor) and the food was so good that I ended up taking a 90-minute nap once we got home. Definitely worth checking out!

I can’t believe it’s the last week of July. This week is a little crazy for me. I have a bunch of freelance assignments that I’ll be working on, along with some major work to be done on a few items to sell online. In terms of the blog, I have a few posts planned as well relating to authentication (which could possibly be a controversial post?), restoration and also finding quality vintage pieces.


To make things even more hectic, we’re going to be moving my horse from one barn to another this weekend. I suspect this will either be a very easy move or a difficult one. Gracie (my horse) is a bit of a diva – there’s a reason that I refer to her as “Princess Gracie.” I’m hoping she’s going to cooperate with the move, otherwise this weekend will be exhausting.

I’ll probably have another post today, but in the meantime, let me share with you a few cool articles I found this weekend. There’s a site called Longform that is dedicated to “long reads” and is one of my favorite websites. I highly suggest following them on Facebook – I’ve found so many cool articles that I never would read otherwise on there. Here are three of my favorites lately, along with another on “McMansions” that I found by accident and is so bizarrely interesting that it needs to be passed along.

GAMBELL, ALASKA - FRIDAY, JUNE 16, 2017: The Bering Sea. /Ash Adams

“The Teenage Whaler’s Tale” (link) from High Country News

This article left me with mixed emotions – I’m an animal lover but the treatment of this young man by Internet activists is shocking.


“20 Years Later: Highway to Hell” (link) from Sports Illustrated

Totally time-appropriate with news of OJ Simpson’s parole ruling.


“The Killer in the Pool” (link) from Outside

If you saw “Blackfish”, here’s one of the articles that inspired the documentary. This article is about seven years old but was republished when Tilikum passed away and is still fascinating.


“McMansions 101” (link) from McMansion Hell

First off, I ended up on this site on accident. But it is so hilarious, you need to check it out. Also, this article is pretty informative – I’ve heard the term “McMansion” tossed around before but never really understood it… this explains it really well.

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