Ideas for (Inexpensive) Summer Outings

Since I’ve focused a lot lately on fashion and specific products, I thought we’d change things up a bit and talk about fun summer activities, ideally those that are free or relatively inexpensive. Let me know if you have any other suggestions – we still have several weeks left of the season and I want to take full advantage of this beautiful weather!


Wine Tastings/Brewery Tours

Obviously this is something you can really only partake in if you’re over the age of 21 but tours of your local brewery/vineyard/distillery are always a good time. Even as someone that hates beer (ironic as I’m currently a resident of Brew City), I’ll never pass up a brewery tour. The best part, in my opinion, is getting to hear from the staff the history of the company and interesting tidbits. In most cases, these tours are either free or cost $5-10.

By the way, the photo above showcases the grounds at Wollersheim Winery, which will forever be one of my favorite places ever.


Polo Matches

I haven’t actually done this one yet (cross your fingers that we’ll have sunny skies in Wisconsin tomorrow!) but there’s a local polo club in my area that hosts matches on Friday nights and Sunday afternoons during the summer. Tickets are only $5 and you’re encouraged to tailgate by bringing in your own food and beverages. Sports fans will love polo because it really is an action-packed sport (think hockey on horseback) – but horse lovers like myself will appreciate getting to watch these beautiful animals in action!


A Morning at Your Local Farmers’ Market

Having grown up in Madison, going to the farmers’ markets is one of my favorite memories. These are free (okay, you might have to pay for parking – check in advance), plus a great way to support your local farmers and small business owners.

If you’re looking for a farmers’ market, here are two directories I found online. This one is from the USDA and here is one by LocalHarvest.


“Pinterest Potluck”

(Friends reading my blog, I promise this will actually happen at some point, I just need to nail down a date.) This was an idea that I heard from someone and it sounds like the best summer party theme ever. You know how everyone has those recipes that they save on Pinterest but have never actually gotten around to making? Well, the premise of this potluck is everyone has to prepare one dish that falls into this category and bring it for everyone to try (personally I think you should bring copies of the recipes too!). It’s definitely perfect for those end-of-summer cookouts.


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