Friday Finds – July 21, 2017

This week, I decided to focus on some companies and products I’ve recently discovered. A few were found via social media, while others have been recommended to me personally. Hopefully, you’ll find something new on this list – though I’d also love it if you shared any recent finds of yours in the comments!


Book of the Month

Book of the Month is a company I discovered via Facebook. I started getting all these ads on my feed and had to check it out. I do wish they had an eBook option as I’ve gotten so used to be my Kindle but the price of new releases is awesome. You’re also able to skip months if you don’t see a selection that interests you. If you’re interested, definitely sign up for their emails – they send out a lot of promo codes to get your first few months at a discount! (Currently, if you use the code TOTALLY you can get a free canvas tote with any subscription of 2+ months)



Perfume is one of my “must haves” in my daily beauty routine. Even though I tend to rely on a few scents for everyday use, I do like experimenting with others. Scentbird is a great service for this – it allows you to pick a particular scent and will send you a 30-day sample. I found a few new perfumes I loved through this company (Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium is now my favorite “going out” perfume) – and I stocked up on my favorites because the travel size sprays are great for carrying in your purse. Subscription plans are $15/month, though you can also purchase the scents individually without a plan.


Homesick Candles

Homesick Candles was another Facebook find. It sounded like such a cool concept. We all know that some places invoke powerful memories – since smell is the most powerful of our senses in triggering memories, these candles are a great purchase. I bought the Louisiana candle as a Christmas gift for a friend last year. Now I’ve only been to Louisiana once (I spent a week in college building houses in New Orleans with Habitat for Humanity) but after smelling this candle burning, I want to buy one for myself! That particular candle is a mix of “Southern florals” (magnolia, honeysuckle and country jasmine), paired with notes of sweet potato and citrus. Not joking – it’s amazing. I will mention this candle seemed to last quite a while too and comes in very nice packaging. It makes a great gift if someone you love has recently moved – or if you just want a beautiful smelling candle in your home! Homesick Candles also has fragrance oils available of the different states and limited edition “city candles” (I’m totally ordering the Boston one!).

File_000 (121).jpeg

Thug Kitchen

My sister-in-law is the third best cook I know (sorry Chels, I can’t rank you above my grandmas – especially when they read this blog – but you have the spot below them on solid lock). She’s also a vegan – so it may be surprising to those that know I’m one of the pickiest eaters alive but I seriously love her creations. She recommended this series of cookbooks that I ordered off Amazon. Not only are the recipes delicious but they’re easy to follow and hilariously written (if you’re easily offended by swearing, you’ll probably want to pass on these). The original “Thug Kitchen” book is a great “all-in-one” book, while the “Thug Kitchen Party Edition” is full of tasty appetizers. We don’t have “Thug Kitchen 101” yet but it seems to be a collection of fast and easy recipes. If you’re looking to eat healthier and would like to have a laugh while cooking, check these out.

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Emily McDowell Studio

Greeting cards are wonderful – but what about those situations where you just don’t know what to say? Emily McDowell Studio realized there was a need in the market for cards that would say what was hard to communicate (check out this great article from NPR – the founder explains how she was inspired to create these cards). In addition to “empathy cards”, this company also carries a huge selection of gifts – making them a great resource for any situation.


Bonus: $25 for New Customers at TheRealReal

I was browsing The RealReal and found a link that I wanted to share. As you may remember, this was my personal favorite luxury consignment site online. If you are a new customer, click here and you’ll receive $25 off your first purchase. (Full disclosure: I also receive $25 off a purchase if you sign up – but I would share this link even if I didn’t because they have some amazing finds!)


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  1. I found your blog to be really informative and a bit funny and loved the sound of those cards which are not so icky sweet. Also appreciated your cooking comments!!

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