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This morning I saw on Twitter that Queen Elizabeth has adopted another corgi. I’d love to applaud the Queen for rescuing a pet in need of a home (this dog belonged to one of her previous employees that recently passed away), rather than purchasing from a breeder. The Queen’s love affair with the corgi has been well-documented for decades. She absolutely loves this breed and is certainly the most famous corgi owner worldwide.

I can certainly relate to the Queen when it comes to her love of dogs. My husband and I have two: a pit bull/Plott Hound mix named Daisy and a Chihuahua named Boomer. Along with our cats and horse, they are “my kids.”

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In celebration of both the Royal Family’s newest addition and “dog moms” everywhere – here’s a few things I found online to help you broadcast your love for your four-legged companions.


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Kate Spade “Chihuahua” collection
Ring (link), iPhone case (link), earrings (link), keychain (link) and necklace (link)
There’s something I’ve discovered since adopting Boomer: if I’m out and see anything Chihuahua-related, I buy it. So imagine my excitement when I found out Kate Spade released an entire collection of Chi-themed accessories! I could not simply pick one piece. Nope. It wasn’t happening. Even though I usually prefer silver to gold, I’m willing to make several exceptions here.
Boston Terrier Throw Pillow (link)
Pups and tiaras? Love it!
“No Dogs Allowed” Doormat (link)
My former boss/good friend has pugs and I love their huge personalities! You have to admit that pugs just have a “look” that is adorable for any home decor or accessories.
Bulldog Cookie Jar (link)
Even though this is technically “bulldog”, I’m considering buying it because it looks very “pittie” like to me.
Yellow Lab Wine Holder (link)
I actually bought this for my sister-in-law for her birthday – she’s my resident labrador lover as they have a wonderful yellow lab!
File_000 (115)
(as a sidenote, we have one in our kitchen as well. It may have been purchased following a wine tour in Door County… I think the wine was to blame here because we both saw it and very enthusiastically exclaimed “Oh my goodness, that looks like Miley!”)
vv tie.jpg
Bernese Mountain Dog Tie (link)
I introduced my husband to Vineyard Vines many years ago and am completely responsible for his addiction. In addition to fashionable preppy clothes, Vineyard Vines also produces very high-quality neckties in a variety of prints. Dog owners will be delighted to see the wide selection of breeds available (though I am still waiting for a pit bull-type one – I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get my husband to wear one with a Chihuahua on it!)
“I Like Big Mutts” Throw Pillow (link)
This throw pillow seems to be sold out in stores near me but I’m going to keep an eye out for it. 90s rap song reference teamed with dog-themed decor? Absolutely need this!
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The Palm Beach Closet (store link) on Etsy
The Palm Beach Closet has operated a successful eBay store for many years (I’ve been a customer several times – they have a fantastic selection!). Their Etsy shop though is a little different – it specializes in re-purposing the materials from luxury goods. Sometimes a purse or wallet is just beyond repair… in these cases, the staff dissembles the item to make use of the canvas and create items like key chains, dog collars and other accessories. This in itself is awesome because it’s “up-cycling” goods that would otherwise just be destroyed, but there’s something even better. Portions from every sale at this shop benefit animal rescue organizations. I’m planning on ordering Boomer one for sure!
Scootergroucho (store link) on Etsy
A close friend of ours recommended this store to me – they used to be on eBay but have recently moved to Etsy. I was always frustrated that I could never find a collar for Daisy that was both cute and durable. She’s a large dog at 70 pounds so her collars can’t be too thin. I’m so glad I was directed to this store – their collars can hold up remarkably well (I ordered her two last summer and they’re still going strong) and they have a wide selection of Lilly Pulitzer prints. I believe Daisy’s collar is in the “Later Gator” print, we also have a Burberry plaid one as well. I have a picture of her below wearing it (you’ll have to excuse the poor photo – my dog was not feeling like modeling today, despite how many treats I gave her)
File_001 (64)
Do you have any fur-babies? Let me know in the comments!

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