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In honor of Early Access for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starting today, I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite shoes available on the site. The majority of shoes I own are flats (due to knee/ankle injuries I suffered while competing in horse shows as a teenager, I have a lot of joint pain and struggle to wear heels) and I realize it can be difficult to find fashions styles for shoes without a heel. Here’s my picks if you’re in the market for new flats!


Tory Burch Minnie Flats (link)

Confession: I actually own a pair of black Reva flats but it seems that Tory Burch is phasing out that style and replacing it with the Minnie. On first glance, the Minnie seems identical to the Reva. However, unlike the Reva, you can fold these and make it packable for travel (or if you need to stuff a pair of flats in your bag to wear home when your heels are killing you at the end of the night…). I personally love how Tory Burch flats can jazz up any outfit. What’s adorable about these is the number of prints available – I would totally suggest purchasing a practical pair in black and then a fun printed pair as well.



Michael Kors Fulton Mocassions (link)

These are a cult favorite amongst my group of friends. I was introduced to these by my sister-in-law and now have four pairs (I’m on my second pair of all-black ones, which are easily the ones I wear the most)… my best friend is also totally hooked! They’re similar to the Tory Burch flat but I will say they are so much comfier. The treaded rubber sole is awesome for anyone that’s on their feet for hours at a time. I will say these take a few extra day to “break in” and you should probably stock up on Band-Aids for the initial few times wearing them. It is worth it though, as someone with horrible knee problems I will always depend on these shoes if I have a long day ahead of me.


Jack Rogers Whipstitched Flip Flop (link)

For some reason, every retailer names Jack Rogers styles differently. On the Nordstrom website, these are called the “Whipstitched Flip Flop.” That being said, they’re kind of the standard style for Jack Rogers sandals. I have two pairs of metallic ones and I always get compliments on them during the summer!


Valentino Rockstud Caged Flat (link)

This is a bit of a splurge purchase. However, I managed to find a used black pair for an incredible deal about two months ago and recently wore them to my husband’s cousin’s wedding. What I loved: the style. Oh my goodness, the pictures do not do these justice! These flats are gorgeous in person. What I didn’t love: how painful they were (even though they were used – I was hoping they’d be a little broken in… maybe this is just the fit of the shoe). The wedding was two weeks ago and my blisters have finally healed. Will I wear them again? Yes, but only for a few hours and definitely not for a night filled with dancing! (Note: I have heard of some new products on the market designed to prevent blisters caused by shoes – this is certainly a possibly for me with these flats in the future)


Alternative to Rockstuds – Kaityn Pan Version (link)

Because I totally understand that the Valentino’s above aren’t in everyone’s budget, I wanted to include these. They’re available on Amazon and the brand seems to be collectively known as high quality “dupe” for Valentino. It is not a fake – they’re branded as Kaitlyn Pan and it is not a copyrighted style, so don’t worry, there shouldn’t be any ethical gray areas for fashionistas. I can’t attest to the comfort of these but this pair has gotten pretty good reviews online if you’d like an alternative.


Birkenstock Essentials Madrid Eva Slides (link)

My grandparents live in Florida, so my husband and I try to make annual trips to visit them and escape the Midwest winters! This past March, we flew down there for a week. I went shopping with my grandma and impulsively bought these. They’re made of a plastic/rubber type material but hold up much better than those cheap flip flops we all stock up on. As a bonus, there’s moderate arch support – making them much comfier than your average rubber sandal!


Hunter Boots – Tall Version (link)

I don’t wear my tall Hunter boots much in the summer, but they certainly get a lot of use from early fall to late spring. Personally I recommend the matte colors as I’ve heard the gloss fades quickly. Also, it’s worth it to spring for the adjustable version rather than the standard fit. I like that the buckle allows me to fit these boots to my leg – it’s really convenient as you have options to what you wear them with (jeans, leggings, etc.).


Hunter Boots – Short Version (link)

While my tall Hunters don’t get much use in the summer months, my short ones do. I have a pair in green that I recently purchased. These boots look adorable with shorts!


Wishlist Item: Tory Burch Miller sandals (link)

What am I thinking is going to be number one on my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale wishlist? Tory Burch Miller sandals. The leopard print is totally calling me – I’ve been considering getting an all-white pair but these are just too fun.

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