A Spotlight on Zella

While I absolutely love Lululemon, there’s one thing I hate: the price. Yes, I know the quality is amazing but how many times can you use that excuse to buy $100 leggings?


Zella Blakely Tank (link)

It wasn’t until the first Nordstrom Rack in our area opened a few years ago that I was introduced to its in-house athletic brand, Zella. What initially caught my eye was how similar the designs were to my beloved Lululemon. Turns out that’s not an accident, Nordstrom hired the former product manager of Lululemon, Libby Vance to develop the brand.


Zella So Hot Crop Legging (link)

What results is Lululemon style with Nordstrom (or Nordstrom Rack!) prices. The quality of these items is not quite Lululemon – but still better than your average athletic wear. Sizing does seem to be better though. I’ve found that the majority of the line is “true to size.”


Zella By the Sea Cardigan (link)

Considering the affordable price-point, I would absolutely recommend this brand. Whether you’re looking for leggings to wear to your next spin class, or leggings to lounge on your couch while binge-watching Netflix, you can depend on Zella to give you both style and comfort.


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