Investment Pieces: What Brands Hold the Best Resale Value?

In a perfect world, we’ll buy a piece of fashion and keep it forever. Realistically though, that rarely happens. I’d be lying if I said when I purchase something I’m not mentally considering the future resale value. Not only does selling items help me fund purchases later on (there’s a post on this coming soon!), but it’s also an “insurance policy” in a way… I can consider items to be a liquid asset. If I ever need money quickly, I can likely sell something fast for a good price. That being said, some brands hold resale value better than others. Here’s what I’ve discovered to be the “top six” brands to invest in if you want a strong resale value option.


Hermeshandbags, clothing, jewelry, watches, scarves, accessories

In the fashion world, Hermes is essentially synonymous with “gold.” The fashion house is so famed for its quality and craftsmanship that nearly every item out of the factory can be almost guaranteed amongst the luxury resale community to retain its resale value (provided its kept in good condition, of course), if not exceed it. Topping the list is without a doubt the Birkin and Kelly handbags but Hermes clothing, jewelry and other items – the vintage scarves have a cult following! – are always in high demand as well. Part of the resale value strength may be due to scarcity within the market – not only does Hermes have limited production, customers often love the brand so much they’re reluctant to part with their items.


Chanelhandbags, clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories

Coco Chanel clearly knew what she was doing. Decades after the brand’s launch, Chanel attracts countless fans in luxury goods due to its classic, elegant style. Vintage Chanel bags are in the highest demand – though contemporary styles under Karl Lagerfeld’s creative direction still fetch a strong profit online. Like Hermes, many items under Chanel’s fashion house retain their value – including accessories, jewelry, shoes and apparel.


Louis Vuittonhandbags, accessories

While Louis Vuitton produces a wide-range of handbags and accessories, it seems that the most popular pieces retain the best value. The Neverfull, Speedy and Alma all stay in constant demand amongst buyers. Limited edition pieces and specialty canvas options are solid choices as well – but it seems that everyone wants the most famous styles from this brand.


Goyard – handbags, accessories

Goyard is probably the least recognizable name on this list, which only adds to its appeal. Fashion lovers love that the chevron-esque logo print is still “undercover” to the general public. While it has begun to slowly go more mainstream, the high price tag keeps it at an aspirational level. The famed St. Louis tote is very similar to Louis Vuitton’s Neverfull, making it perfect for anyone that wants an everyday tote but not one that everyone else has. Goyard is known to sell within days on popular resale sites – though owners of the brand may not want to part with this understated style.



This is probably a controversial choice as many believe Givenchy may be a stronger option. I would argue that Celine has dominated the last five years with their Luggage line. As we move from “in your face” fashion to understated luxury, Phoebe Philo’s designs continue to gain a strong following. There’s little doubt that if you ever purchase a Trio, a Nano or any other Celine design, you will not have issues re-selling it later on.


Christian Louboutinshoes

The trademarked red soles continue to rule. Louboutins have become such a part of pop culture, it seems like I’m constantly hearing references to the heels in songs on the radio. While they may not be the comfiest of shoes (and their namesake designer has famously said he doesn’t intend for them to be comfortable), they make you take notice. The demand for Louboutins is not going away anytime soon – rest assured that if you purchase a pair, they will certainly retain some value.

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