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We all experience those “I have nothing to wear days.” My go-to in those situations has always been a t-shirt and dark jeans. That being said, I still want to look nice so it’s been trial-and-error to figure out what brands carry the most affordable and flattering styles. Take a look at some of my favorites below – make to take advantage of the sales currently going on for a few of these!


Target Merona Softest Scoop Tee (link) – $8.00

I love the color options for this shirt! Target always has the best selection for basics – this tee has a nice long hem and a scoop neckline to pull off that comfy, casual look. I’ve also found that the quality of the Merona brand is pretty good – for the price, I’d expect them to fall apart after a few washes but there’s several in my closet that have lasted for a few years now!


Forever 21 Crew Neck Tee (link) – $6.90

Confession: every single time I go to Forever 21, I stock up on these tees in black, white and cream. They’re the shirts I throw on if I’m running a quick errand or don’t feel like putting a full “outfit” together. Don’t expect these to last forever – they shrink easily and are rather thin… but for roughly $7, they’re a staple in my opinion.


Zara Super Slim Fit T-Shirt (link) – $17.90, on sale for $12.99

Let’s get the elephant out of the room right away: yes, this is a men’s shirt. Because we don’t have a Zara in my state, I found this style while thrifting at a local consignment shop. Ladies, it is a really flattering fit! This shirt is a little bit longer than your average basic tee but has a slim cut that shows off your body, without being too clingy. Also, if you’re a little bit bustier, you’ll find that the broader shoulders will compliment you. These are my all-time favorites at Zara, I always stock up whenever there’s a good sale or if I’m near a store! (When it comes to sizing, you’ll need to check the size chart. I’ve found that Zara tends to run more Euro than American, so I usually have to adjust depending on the style)


Madewell Whisper Cotton V-Neck Pocket Tee (link) – $19.50, on sale for $14.99 to $16.00

Madewell’s quality is just awesome. It seems like everything I try on there is super flattering. Admittedly, I seem to have much better luck there than at J. Crew. The “whisper cotton” name is accurate – this is a very soft shirt. It feels so nice on a summer day that I’m debating buying one in every color.


Old Navy Luxe Curved-Hem Tee (link) – $14.94 to 16.94, on sale for $12

Being an equestrian, I feel like my barn outfits might as well be sponsored by Old Navy. I tend to wear a lot of this brand out when I’m visiting my horse because items are frequently on sale. Quality can be hit or miss, but the “Luxe” line appears to be somewhat durable. If something can hold up in an environment where the wearer is surrounded by 1200 lb animals, it’s a keeper.


H&M Slub Jersey T-Shirt (link) – $9.99

Like Forever 21, H&M tees are impossible to resist. These have more of a “boyfriend” look to them, so if you’re looking for an oversize fit you’ll love it. What I love is to throw a slightly baggy tee on if I’m just lounging around the house (or to wear with leggings when meeting up with friends for brunch). The jersey fabric is so nice and makes this shirt feel more expensive than it actually is.

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